An Idea that turns around your brand 360

Whether it's a brand, insight, digital, advertising or motion project, our approach is always to detangle: pulling confusing issues apart to get to a single, simple, easily-understood idea


Our initial thinking is what shapes our approach to everything we create. Whether this is driven by audience insight, industry knowledge or simple smart thinking, we build a strong foundation that drives the creative direction.


Brand sits at the heart of Spark. Whether we're creating one from scratch or taking ownership of an existing, our aim is to stay true to the essence of that brand through voice and visual


We always work to put users at the heart of our digital methodology, ensuring a cohesive experience of brand discovery and calls to action. Striking the balance of user needs and commercial objectives is key.

Film & Motion

Our crew of producers, animators, CGI artists and film-makers allows us to produce content at every level - from social storytelling to prime time TVCs. We handle the process from start to finish, building a narrative through to final production

Our Team

Amit Bharti

A family man who is bachelor from heart. Scientist found business runs in his veins in place of blood. Always ready to have a drink of BP and raise the toast And obviously, business kideea

Anoop Dass

Wears cool summer shirts and slippers to office. A cup of tea with him is all it takes to drive in new business. Google itself comes to him for bollywood trivia. And obviously, a creative genius.


Sanghamitra Parida, also known as "smiley", She is a very bubbly girl by nature and works as a content creator and digital marketing strategist. In short, she is a multi-tasker. She always radiates energy and happiness whenever she comes.

Priyanka Kamboj

A Punjabi girl and a die-hard Diljit fan, of course. Priyanka is a wonderful person with a generous heart. She is an excellent graphic designer who is very focused on her work. She worked tirelessly to make her work a masterpiece. She doesn't say much, but her work speaks for itself..

Aman Sharma

You never know when he comes and goes, Aman, also known as "the quiet guy" in our office. He works as a digital marketer. He is a soft spoken and hardworking guy.

Priya Tomar

An outspoken girl with a beautiful soul inside out. We call her a researcher because the first thing she does when she has to write about something is conduct research. Priya is a strong and independent young lady living away from her parents in this metropolitan city. She undeniably a treasure that evryone covets.

Shoaib Akhtar

Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma enthusiast and die hard chicken lover. Tries to be as cool as Jetha Lal of our little Gokuldham (Creative muds office). And also, a kickass web developer

Shivnath Das

Comes from Odisha but loves Punjabi raps, ok is the ultimate response for every question asked. Has a jugadu helmet with music system installed in it and believes in finishing the food first. And obviously, on point animator.

Vivek Gupta

Some guys play it cool by staying silent, he's that guy. Coding is the language in which his work speaks. And obviously, a kickass web designer.

Shweta Pal

She is a crazy girl who shows traits of a stand-up comedian, but she is actually a poetic girl. Shweta is a powerhouse of talent. If you see someone laughing uncontrollably, you know he or she is sitting with Shweta. In a matter of seconds, she can create a jingle for any song. Unquestionably a multitasker.

Deepak Gupta

Deepak is a serious and hard-working guy when it comes to work. He is laser-focused on expressing himself through his designs. A casual outfit with a black hat and everyone knows he is Deepak.

Aanchal Das

A K-drama and BTS addict. Aanchal is very dedicated to her work. We call her the silent killer, but she is also the cutest person in the office. She is constantly coming up with brilliant creative ideas. She is the quickest bunny when it comes to work.

Lets Work Together

We work with clients from start-up to global company, if you've got a project get in touch and we'll get the ball rolling